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On Sale Date: October 25, 2022

ISBN 9781990259531, 1990259537

Trade Paperback | 392 pages



Jo Watson is the bestselling author of Burning Moon, Always a Bride and Finding You. Big Boned is her first YA romance, tackling the themes of body positivity, family, acceptance and self-love, the book will delight her fans of all ages


On the heels of her parents' messy divorce, 17-year-old Lori Palmer is forced to move to a new town and start a new high school, away from her best friends and the art community she loves so much. Immediately Lori feels like a fish out of water as her new peers seem to prize “beach bodies” above all else. Frustrations continue to rise at home as well as her relationship with her mom continues to deteriorate, The only thing providing Lori with happiness is her younger brother Zac and an unexpected friendship with popular jock Jake, who seems to be hanging around more and more. As Lori begins to adjust into and explore her new world, she also begins exploring her own inner feelings. As she opens herself up, new sources of inspiration begin to bloom, leading to artistic expression and a newfound confidence she would never have imagined.

Big Boned by Jo Watson

SKU: 9781990259531

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