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On Sale Date: March 29, 2022
ISBN 9781774580851, 1774580853
Trade Paperback | 216 pages


A D&I expert breaks down everything you need to know about creating inclusive workplaces for LGBTQ2+ employees

Everything you need to know about creating LGBTQ2+ inclusive workplace, from A to Z.

Every year, companies who aren’t doing the necessary work are losing millions of dollars to low productivity, staff turnover, missed opportunities, and reputational damage—and no, simply slapping a rainbow over your company logo isn’t going to cut it.

In this myth-busting follow-up to the 2020 breakout bestseller Birds of All Feathers, diversity and inclusion expert Michael Bach breaks down everything you need to know about creating inclusive workplaces for people who don’t fit squarely into the “straight” and “cis” box. And don’t worry if you’re already feeling lost; by the time you’ve finished this book, you’ll know exactly LGBTQ2+ means—and a whole lot of other stuff to boot.

With clarity and a healthy dose of humor, Bach lays out a road map on how to ensure your workplace is safe for LGBTQ2+ people. You’ll gain a clear understanding of sexuality, gender identity, and gender expression; what a Safe Space is, and how to turn your workplace into one; how to create and properly enforce a workplace Code of Conduct; and how to grab a piece of the fabulous “pink dollar“ (worth more than $1 trillion dollars annually in the Canada and US alone!).

A must-read for leaders, HR professionals, CEOs, and managers of all levels, Alphabet Soup is a critical guide to creating a truly inclusive workplace for all.

Alphabet Soup by Michael Bach

SKU: 9781774580851
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