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Pfister, Marcus


ISBN 9780735845589, 0735845581
Hardcover Picture Book | 32 pages


A penguin is a penguin is a penguin in this picture book about community and acceptance, from best-selling author of The Rainbow Fish Marcus Pfister!

At first glance, all penguins look the same. But a closer look reveals that every penguin is different. Theo is the smartest of them all, but doesn’t want to show it. Felix has short wings, Sarah loves to draw more than talk, and Lena is attracted to Ida. Each penguin has worries and fears, strengths and dreams. And yet, together they form a community.

Amid a picturesque ice landscape with colors ranging from cool to radiantly warm, Marcus Pfister introduces a diverse penguin society in which everyone is allowed to be themself.

A Penguin Like Me

SKU: 9780735845589
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