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Grimm, Robyn


ISBN 9781250323989, 1250323983
Trade Paperback | 256 pages

A trivia book full of captivating facts you’ve been dying to know!


Death—it’s a living! From the fascinating to the funny and even the oddly comforting, this book offers hundreds of facts to satisfy readers’ morbid curiosity about what happens after they die. This peek behind the curtain of the death-care industry answers all the questions you don’t know how to ask (and more a few you never thought to). We all end up on the mortician’s table eventually. With You’ll Leave This World with Your Butt Sewn Shut, at least you’ll know what to pack!

Sample trivia:
Medical implants (e.g. hip replacements) get upcycled into car parts and stop signs
We all die with our mouths open; they have to be wired shut
Morticians will bury your loved one in funny socks if you ask them to

You'll Leave This World With Your Butt Sewn Shut (Paperback)

SKU: 9781250323989
Expected to ship by Apr. 2, 2024

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