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On Sale Date: April 26, 2022
ISBN 9780765382665, 0765382660
Trade Paperback | 416 pages

A prescient classic of crime, politics, and emergent AI in a future human-settled solar system, now reissued as a Tor Essential. Now with a new introduction by James S.A. Corey, bestselling author of the Expanse series.


Tor Essentials presents new editions of science fiction and fantasy titles of proven merit and lasting value, each volume introduced by an appropriate literary figure.

Jane Navio is the resource manager of Phoecea, an asteroid colony poised on the knife-edge of a hard vacuum of unforgiving space. A mishap has dumped megatons of water and methane out the colony's air lock, putting the entire human population at risk.

Jane discovers that the crisis may have been engineered by the Martian crime syndicate, as a means of executing a coup that will turn Phocaea into a client-state. And if that wasn't bad enough, an AI that spawned during the emergency has gone rogue…and there's a giant x-factor in the form of the transhumanist Viridian cult that lives in Phocaea's bowels.

Jane's in the prime of her career—she's only a bit over a century old—but the conflict between politics and life-support is tearing her apart. To save her colony and her career, she's going to have to solve several mysteries at once—a challenge that will put her up against all the difficulties, contradictions, and awkward compromises entailed in the human colonization of outer space.

Up Against It by Laura J. Mixon

SKU: 9780765382665
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