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Lawler, Janet


9780374389918, 0374389918

Hardcover Picture Book


An inspiring picture book about the power of hope to carry us through tough times.


There's No Place Like Hope shows the joys of childhood, from blossoming friendship to sticky-fingered summer days, and the imaginative, messy playtimes in between. With sensitivity, it also explores overcoming tough moments and paying kindness forward. The message is this: When you need a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, or a hug to make it all better, look to the people in your life.

Hope is a gift that encourages us to be ourselves and live a life without limits. Hope makes us feel brave.

This sweet, rhythmic text is a gentle yet powerful reminder of how hope makes us loving, courageous, and connected to one another. It's a heartening story to be read again and again, especially when the going gets rough.

There’s No Place Like Hope

SKU: 9780374389918
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