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On Sale Date: September 25, 2018
ISBN 9781250133885, 1250133882
Hardcover with dust jacket | 160 pages


This YA nonfiction book is part encyclopedia and part "how to" manual covering all things sex.

Written in a wholly relatable voice, Ready For It offers relationship advice and medically accurate sex information for curious teenagers and adults alike. Debut author Chusita Fashion Fever is a famous Spanish YouTube star who based much of the book’s content on questions viewers asked on her channel.

The bold package features comic illustrations and “fun facts” sections, while the text is refreshingly honest and non-judgmental. Sidebars debunk myths and taboos, and explain slang and jargon in a straightforward way. Readers learn not only about the logistics of sex, but about the consent, respect, and the intuition needed to make mature sexual decisions. Every message circles back to self-care, and finding the confidence to assert what you want and when you want it.

Ready For It by Chusita Fashion Fever

SKU: 9781250133885
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