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Berenson, Laurien

9781496746689, 1496746686



Rival sisters-in-law Peg Turnbull and Rose Donovan spent their summer doing the unthinkable: sleuthing for dangerous suspects and becoming (almost) friends. But when a September trip leads to more murder, it’ll be a miracle if the dysfunctional duo is still a team—and alive—by autumn . . .

Murder, She Wrote meets The Golden Girls in the third Senior Sleuths Mystery!

From the moment Peg arrives in Kentucky, dragging level-headed Rose along for the week-long excursion proves a smart move. Because after she brings her canine expertise to prestigious conformation shows, next on the agenda is selling her Thoroughbred broodmare's offspring at a high-stakes yearling sale. And when the ladies arrive to meet the young horse at Six Oaks farm, something seems off about the place—especially Jim Grable, the yearling manager with serious anger issues . . .

While Peg feels comfortable again judging pedigree pups over Labor Day Weekend, Rose judges a shocking new turn of events. Jim has been found dead on the farm and a young employee needs help convincing police she didn’t kill him. As disjointed clues lead to a list of misdeeds swirling around Six Oaks, everyone connected to Jim agrees on one thing—he had it coming . . .

It isn’t until Peg guides her colt’s journey to the auction ring that she grasps how much Jim had been manipulating the process behind the scenes. Now, unable to rely on her instincts alone, Peg must also trust in Rose’s talents to expose the real culprit. But the two need to have each other’s backs before tangling with a killer—a deadly criminal set on halting their dog and pony show for good!

Peg and Rose Play the Ponies

SKU: 9781496746689

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