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A sexy jet-setting player meets a feisty independent South Asian woman in this steamy contemporary interracial romance. What happens when pure attraction collides with family responsibility?


After having written off love, Simran Khan is vacationing in London looking for no-strings-attached fun. It's not long before she succumbs to the mysterious hunk with an intense, ice-blue stare while out club-hopping. After a night full of surprises with global playboy, Marcus Lehigh (and sampling his reputable talents between the sheets), she realizes this could be more than just a fling, but major doubts come into play ... little does she know he might feel the same way.


Marcus Lehigh prefers to keep interactions with women purely physical-and because his jet-setting lifestyle makes it easy to be that player-favors the single life. A not-so-traditional past also makes it hard for him to trust. Something about Simran hooks him after one night, though. A luscious beauty with brains, some attitude, and an unexpected flippancy for his luxurious life has him wanting more than the usual down and dirty fling. When she leaves for NYC, he follows, intrigued by what she has to offer.


From London to NYC, their relationship collides headfirst with Marcus' notorious player lifestyle and Simran's strong South Asian roots. Will Simran accept his former life riddled with ugly scandals? Can Marcus compete with her family's traditional expectations and ingrained cultural heritage? When all is said and done, life-altering events put their trust to the test. Is love enough to conquer all?

Passion's Liberation: Book 1 in the Liberated Series

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