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Tortorella, Nico


9780593381533, 059338153X



Meet Olivette, who wants kids to know that "all of it is YOU!" and to embrace every part of themselves. The brainchild of actor Nico Tortorella, this buoyant story is a celebration of all the many different parts of us.

Olivette is here to let you in on a secret: you can be anything you want to be. And even better, you can be all of it! Olivette is energetic, moody, and unique—just like you, Olivette contains multitudes. 

Olivette Is You—all of it is you—is inspired by actor, musician, and author Nico Tortorella's own experience. Through this buoyant picture book, Nico shows you that you don’t have to choose who or what to be; you are already everything.

Olivette Is You

SKU: 9780593381533
Ships by April 23, 2024

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