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ISBN 9780593128923, 0593128923
Hardcover | 304 pages

Torn between loyalty and love, a young prince will learn how much he’s willing to sacrifice as he tries to destroy the rebellion that threatens his throne in this exhilarating sequel to Bonds of Brass.

When Gal Veres is almost assassinated and his identity as the secret Umber heir is uncovered, it sets off a dangerous battle for power that could crumble the galaxy. In a desperate attempt to claim his throne and put an end to the fighting, Gal teams up with his best friend, Ettian Nassun, and a street-savvy troublemaker, Wen Iffan. During their mad dash through the stars, Gal and Ettian are drawn together, finally admitting to their years-long attraction.

But their relationship is put to the test when they encounter the Archon rebellion—Ettian’s supposedly defeated and destroyed people—and Gal is captured. Now a political hostage in a newly reignited war, Gal must choose between the man he loves and the empire he’s sworn to lead.

Oaths of Legacy (Book Two) by Emily Skrutskie

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