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On Sale Date: October 25, 2022

ISBN 9781250851420, 1250851424

Hardcover with dust jacket | 112 pages


The Ignyte and Locus Award finalist, and Crawford and Hugo Award-winning series continues as Chih finds themself in the riverlands, home to near-immortal warriors and ancient feuds

"A remarkable accomplishment of storytelling."—NPR on The Empress of Salt and Fortune


Wandering cleric Chih of the Singing Hills travels to the riverlands to record tales of the notorious near-immortal martial artists who haunt the region. On the road to Betony Docks, they fall in with a pair of young women far from home, and an older couple who are more than they seem. As Chih runs headlong into an ancient feud, they find themself far more entangled in the history of the riverlands than they ever expected to be.

Into the Riverland by Nghi Vo

SKU: 9781250851420

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