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By Richard Pink & Roxanne Emery


9780593835531, 0593835530

Trade Paperback


An empowering and witty guide to banishing shame and living your fullest life with ADHD—plus tips for loved ones on helping them navigate this world, too—from the viral duo ADHD Love.

What if you stopped feeling ashamed of constantly being late or of getting so hyper-focused on a task that you drop everything else you had to do? How can you as a partner, parent, or friend better understand your neurodivergent loved one’s way of moving through the world? What if you could both openly communicate your needs and use some creative problem-solving?

In Dirty Laundry, life partners Richard Pink and Roxanne Emery unapologetically guide you through the ups and downs of life with ADHD. Receiving a diagnosis at thirty-six was pivotal for Rox to start unlearning the self-shame she had carried her whole life. It also gave Rich concrete symptoms to research so he could better support Rox. Through their relationship, they have each discovered new strategies for navigating common symptoms. Here they provide you with tips for both someone with ADHD and for someone who loves an ADHDer. 

Rox reminds you to be kind to yourself and love yourself for who you are and Rich offers tips on how he uses compassion and honesty instead of jumping to conclusions. Every chapter starts with a common symptom of ADHD, like impulsivity or struggles with finances, and an earnest moment from their lives to show you how they navigate the symptom together. Whether it's helping your ADHDer out with friendly time check-ins before an appointment or reminding yourself to take breaks during hours spent hyper-focusing on a new project, Rox and Rich give you the tools to destigmatize and normalize life with ADHD.

Rich and Rox share their strategies from figuring out their life together so that more ADHDers and their loved ones can grow, learn, and thrive. In your interactions and self-perceptions start using compassion rather than judgment, communication in place of assumption, and acceptance instead of shame. Dirty Laundry teaches all of us to be better communicators in our relationships and how to truly understand someone else.

Dirty Laundry (Paperback)

SKU: 9780593835531

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