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Solot, Dorian


ISBN: 9781250852588; 1250852587

Hardcover Picture Book


This cheerful picture book from two professional sexuality educators introduces children to scientific facts about penises in a shame-free and accessible way.


Head, shoulders, knees, and... penises! Young children are curious about all their body parts, including the private ones. Many parents are unsure how to answer their questions in a way that’s accurate, age-appropriate, and understandable. This book is here to help!

With bright illustrations, readable language, and a matter of fact tone, this book offers children the facts they need to understand how their bodies work.

All About Penises: a learning about bodies book embraces body diversity, reassures kids, and provides caregivers an easy way to answer the common questions that children have.

Embracing an updated understanding of gender, this is the book for the modern caregiver. Back matter includes more information on being an askable parent, and how to talk to young children about sensitive topics.

All About Penises

SKU: 9781250852588

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