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Kerr, Millie


9781472990426, 1472990420

Trade Paperback


Wilder takes readers on a global rewilding journey, exploring innovative and eye-opening projects led by a diverse group of passionate conservationists.


Rewilding is a radical new approach to wildlife conservation that offers remarkable potential. If conservation preserves what remains, rewilding goes further, seeking to restore entire ecosystems. The stakes are high with active initiatives quickening the process of recovery by reintroducing keystone species and habitats. Large mammal translocations and wildlife corridors running through densely populated areas are high-risk, high-reward initiatives.

In this timely and exciting read, wildlife journalist Millie Kerr takes readers on a global journey of discovery. She considers the practicalities and possibilities of ecological restoration around the world, while exploring first-hand some of the most ambitious undertakings occurring today. Wilder details the return of jaguars to an Argentinian national park, the first-ever pangolin reintroduction project in South Africa, and the ways giant tortoises are aiding the recovery of ecosystems throughout the Galápagos Islands.

At an urgent moment in the international fight against biodiversity loss, Wilder's message is one of innovation and optimism. By focusing on conservation success stories and showing that there are bands of determined conservationists fighting for a better future, Wilder inspires us all to become part of the solution.

Wilder (Paperback)

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