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On Sale Date: June 14, 2022
ISBN 9781250839367, 125083936X
Trade Paperback | 336 pages



“Clarifying and instructive . . . Deserves to be read by everyone responsible for building the systems that regulate how people behave toward one another.”
?The New York Times Book Review

As victims of sexual harassment increasingly come forward to tell their stories, each prominent case also sets off debates about the rights of the accused. The national conversation has grown polarized, inflamed by a narrative that wrongly presents feminism and fair process as warring interests.

Sexual Justice is an intervention, pointing the way to common ground. Drawing on the core principles of civil rights law, and personal experiences of victims and the accused, Alexandra Brodsky shows how schools, workplaces, and other institutions can—indeed, must—address sexual harassment in ways fair to all. And she explains how to resist the anti-feminist backlash that hijacks the rhetoric of due process to protect male impunity.

Sexual Justice by Alexandra Brodsky

SKU: 9781250839367
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