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A history and analysis of women’s cycling—beginning with its origins as a political statement and feminist act—that chronicles notable cyclists and groups around the world in hopes of inspiring more women to take up space on the road and elsewhere.


Both a history of women’s cycling and an impassioned manifesto, Revolutions challenges a male-dominated narrative that has long prevailed in cycling and writing about cycling. Author Hannah Ross highlights the story of extraordinary women cyclists and all-female cycling groups from around the world and demonstrates both the feminist power of the sport and its present-day gender issues.


Beginning in the late 1800s, Ross chronicles the rise of the bicycle and its significance in the feminist movement as “the gateway drug to a life of adventure”; the importance of the bicycle in the women’s suffragette movement, spotlighting the women who used bikes to spread word of the cause and were later deemed the Cycling Scouts; and the achievements of women in cycling in the modern era.


A cyclist herself, Ross shares the stories of active women’s cycling groups around the world and illustrates the impact that cycling can have in different communities. From a group of Latina activists in East L.A. called the Ovarian Psycos Bicycling Brigade, to the Bike Project, a charity that helps women refugees and asylum seeks learn to ride, the multitude of stories in Revolutions captures the power and significance that cycling has for women worldwide.

Revolutions by Hannah Ross

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