ISBN 9781554519545, 1554519543

Hardcover Picture Book | 34 pages

Ages 5 to 8, Grades K to 2


Charlie loves his bright red purse, so why does everyone else have a problem with it?


The award-winning picture book about Charlie’s unselfconscious determination to wear his purse is now available in paperback.


Charlie loves the bright red purse that his grandmother let him have. One day, he decides to take it to school. His father, then his friends, and even the crossing guard question him about his “strange” choice. But Charlie isn’t deterred. And soon his self-confidence starts to affect those around him. Thanks to Charlie, everyone around him realizes that it isn’t always necessary to conform to others’ expectations. It’s more important to be true to yourself.

I Love My Purse by Belle Demont, Sonja Wimmer

SKU: 9781554519545