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Marie, Racquel


9781250836342, 1250836344

Trade Paperback


A queer YA romance about rival soccer stars who must cocaptain a team or kiss their dreams of playing college soccer goodbye.


Vale Castillo-Green’s life revolves around soccer. Her friends, her future, and her father’s intense expectations are all wrapped up in the beautiful game. But after she incites a fight during playoffs with her long-time rival Leticia Ortiz, everything she’s been working toward seems to disappear.

Embarrassed and desperate to be anywhere but home, Vale escapes to her beloved childhood soccer camp . . . only to find out that she and Leticia will be cocaptaining a team that could play in front of college scouts. Unless they can get their rookie team’s act together, this second chance—and any hope of playing college soccer—will slip through Vale’s fingers. What starts off as a shaky alliance of necessity begins to blossom into something more through a shared love of soccer . . . and maybe each other.

You Don't Have a Shot (Paperback)

SKU: 9781250836342

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