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Get ready to journey around the world with Nellie Bly—one of America’s first investigative journalists.


Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman had no idea that the open letter she’d written to a local newspaper in Pittsburgh in 1885 would change her life forever. The editor of the paper was so impressed with her writing, that he offered her a job! She’d later change her name to Nellie Bly and work as an investigative reporter in New York City.


Known for her extraordinary and record-breaking trip around the world and her undercover investigation of a mental institution, Nellie Bly was one of the first female investigative reporters in the United States and a pioneer in the field of journalism.


Series Overview: The #1 New York Times Best-Selling series of illustrated biographies for young readers includes artists, athletes, scientists, and world leaders.

Who Was Nellie Bly? by Margaret Gurevich, Who HQ, Laurie A. Conley

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