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By Juno Dawson


ISBN 9781728254036, 1728254035
Trade Paperback | 336 pages

From bestselling author Juno Dawson (This Book is Gay), comes an candid, funny, illustrated guide that helps readers discover what it means to be a young trans and/or non-binary person in the twenty-first century


In What's the T?, Stonewall ambassador, bestselling trans author, and former teacher Juno Dawson defines a myriad of labels and identities. She offers uncensored advice on coming out, sex and relationships with her trademark humor and lightness of touch. Juno has also invited her trans and non-binary friends to make contributions, ensuring this inclusive book reflects as many experiences as possible.


The companion title to the groundbreaking This Book Is GayWhat's the T? tackles the complex realities of growing up trans with honesty and humor, and is joyfully illustrated by gender non-conforming artist Soofiya.

What's the T?

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