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ISBN 9781250174109, 1250174104
Hardcover with dust jacket | 384 pages

A spectacularly genre-bending retelling of Romeo and Juliet that asks the big questions about true love, fate, and time travel


Year: 2083. Location: London. Mission: Wake Romeo.

It’s the end of the world. Literally. Time travel is possible but only forward. And only a handful of families choose to remain in the “now,” living off the scraps left behind.

Among them are eighteen-year-old Juliet and the love of her life, Romeo. But things are far from rosy for Jules. Romeo lies in a coma and Jules is estranged from her friends and family, dealing with the very real fallout of their wild romance.

Then a mysterious time traveler, Ellis, impossibly arrives from the future with a mission that makes Juliet question everything she knows about life and love.

Can Jules wake Romeo—and rewrite her future?

Waking Romeo by Kathryn Barker

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