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Wilson, Alyssa


From tattoo artist and tarot enthusiast Alyssa Wilson comes a stunning tarot deck inspired by vintage tattoo flash that celebrates queerness and gender in all its forms.


Celebrate Queerness in Tarot with Tattoo-Inspired Art

Embark on a journey of liberation, self-discovery and growth with this queer, modern spin on traditional tarot deck imagery and symbolism. These gorgeous gender-inclusive cards buck heteronormativity and gender norms and aid you in empowering yourself to make positive changes in your life, seek greater insight into your inner self and celebrate healing and self-transformation. Finding inspiration in vintage flash tattoo subjects and techniques, Vintage Tattoo Tarot marries modern subjects with vintage art for a deck that assists you in learning from the past and looking to the future.

Vintage Tattoo Tarot

SKU: 9798890030504

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