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Alexander, Tiernan


9781797224565, 1797224565



A visual how-to guide on the craft of tufting rugs, home decor, and more from the duo behind Tuft the World, the tufting company that has helped launch and educate a new generation of tufters.

Tuft the World is an easy-to-follow and beautifully illustrated guide to tufting, whether you’re creating your first project or are a seasoned tufter. Brought to you by the preeminent experts in the machine-tufting field, this detailed crafting guide shows you, through step-by-step instructions and 175 full-color photographs, how to create contemporary, stylish, and enjoyable machine-tufted rugs, clothes, and objects. Within these pages, you'll learn about:

  • Tufting machines, materials, and techniques
  • Workspace setup
  • How to create projects from start to finish, including everything from a bathmat, bedside rug, shawl collar, or chair slipcover to a picture frame, sculptural work of art, or stunning tufted cat tree!
  • Contemporary rug artists and their designs
  • The history of tufting and some of the women and men whose inventions brought the craft to life
  • And more

Unlike online videos about tufting, this book is a long-lasting reference showcasing the versatility and creativity of the craft by the experts—a highly accessible, thorough, and enriching guide. Included throughout are sidebars on the historical context for amateur and professional rug-making in America and spotlights on current tufting makers.

This much-needed companion introduces and expands knowledge for the many new and experienced tufters interested in the booming craft of machine-tufted rugs and decor. Inspiring and simple to follow, this book is sure to make a tufter out of anyone.

Tuft the World (Paperback)

SKU: 9781797224565
Ships by April 16, 2024

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