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The inspiring true story of the first Girl Scout troop founded for and by girls living in a shelter in Queens, New York, and the amazing, nationwide response that it sparked

Giselle Burgess was a young mother of five trying to provide for her family. Though she had a full-time job, the demands of ever-increasing rent and mounting bills forced her to fall behind, and eviction, then homelessness, soon followed. Giselle and her kids found themselves living at a Sleep Inn in Queens, provided by the city as temporary shelter; for nearly a year, all six lived in a single room with two beds and one bathroom. She knew that her daughters and the other girls living at the shelter needed to be a part of something where they didn’t feel the shame or stigma of being homeless, and could develop a community they could be proud of. Giselle had worked for the Girl Scouts, and with the support of a group of dedicated parents, advocates, and remarkable girls, Troop 6000 was born.

New York Times journalist Nikita Stewart settled in with Troop 6000 for more than a year at the peak of New York City’s homelessness crisis in 2017, getting to know the girls and their families and witnessing both their triumphs and challenges. In Troop 6000, readers feel the highs and lows as some make it out of the shelter while others falter, and girls grow up with the stress of day-to-day homelessness, living for the times when they can put on their Girl Scout uniforms and come together. The result is a powerful, inspiring story about overcoming the odds in the most unlikely of places.

Troop 6000 by Nikita Stewart

SKU: 9781984820761