ISBN 9780593184769, 0593184769
Trade Paperback | 96 pages


The perfect mix of the continuing, still-popular adult coloring trend and the emerging wave of ’90s nostalgia, developed by a proven, popular talent in the self-published coloring space.

Celebrating both the latest in ’90s pop culture trends (scrunchies! The movie Clueless!) and the never-ending coloring book phenomenon, TOTALLY ’90s COLORING BOOK will be perfect for fans of Bob Ross’s latest coloring book as well as White Elephant gift-buyers. Topics the author will cover include pop culture memories like the Spice Girls, the movie Clueless and the TV show Saved By the Bell; outdated but still lovable technology like Walkmen, VCRs, and mix tapes; and nostalgia-inspired fashion like butterfly clips, scrunchies, and snap bracelets.

Totally '90s Coloring Book by Christina Haberkern

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