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Best, Cari


In this bouncy, playful picture book for very young listeners, follow two baby friends who live in facing buildings through their day--playing, singing, and napping--till they meet in the park!

Somewhere in the big, big city
two happy babies look out their morning windows
at the very same time.

Just what will these two babies do today? Well, this baby meows like his cat, and that baby barks like her dog. This mellow baby listens to a story, and that rambunctious baby sings a song.

Soon enough, both babies get hungry...and a bit cranky. How will this Mama and that Papa help them feel better? Perhaps a play date in the park will help!

Critically acclaimed and award-winning creators--author Cari Best and illustrator Rashin Kheiriyeh--team up for this delightful read-aloud that will have listeners clapping and giggling right alongside this baby and that baby.

This Baby. That Baby.

SKU: 9780593564639

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