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by Sophie Blackall
On Sale Date: April 19, 2022
ISBN 9781797214481, 1797214489
Hardcover | 128 pages


In these pages, beloved author and illustrator Sophie Blackall has gathered a collection of joys for all of us—reminders that every day the sun comes up and new babies are born. She includes suggestions that you bake muffins for a friend, or draw a face on an egg and put it in the fridge where it will smile at you each time you open the door. With wisdom, whimsy, and compassion, the 52 illustrated ideas in this book offer moments of uplift and serendipity for yourself and your loved ones.


A message of hope and solace in hard times and of joyful anticipation at times of new beginnings—whether you're grieving a loss or starting a new chapter—and for all the days in between—Things to Look Forward to is full of gentle reminders of the objects, occasions, gestures, and ideas that warm our hearts. There is always something bright on the horizon, and sometimes that horizon can be a lot closer than we think.

Things to Look Froward To: 52 Large and Small Joys for Today and Every Day

SKU: 9781797214481
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