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Hamilton, Emily


ISBN 9781547613113, 1547613114
Hardcover with dust jacket | 32 pages


When little ones struggle to fall asleep, this rhythmic, rhyming, and calming caper will whisk them off to dreamland.


Over the rooftops and houses below,
The magic is waiting . . .
So where shall we go?

When counting sheep and wishing for sleep just doesn't work, the Yawnicorn will show you the infinite possibilities of dreamland!

From sliding down rainbows to trekking through jungles, from exploring the oceans to traveling through shimmering galaxies, this magical unicorn will sweep young readers away on enchanting nighttime adventures . . . before bringing them home, nicely worn out and ready to fall into a happy, deep sleep. And sweet dreams!

This charming bedtime story is perfect for anyone who has trouble falling asleep, a great read for winding down, night after night.

The Yawnicorn

SKU: 9781547613113
Expected to ship November 7, 2023

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