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Boom! Snap! Whiz! Zap! The Magnificent Makers chapter book series is filled with science, adventure, and characters kids will love! Every book includes two science activities kids can do at home!

A modern day Magic School Bus for the chapter book reader!

Wacky scientist Dr. Crisp loves to invite students to the her Maker Maze for a STEM-filled adventure! Just solve a riddle and the portal to the Maze will appear! But there’s a catch…if the kids don’t complete a challenge fast enough, they can never come back to the Maze!

Violet, Pablo, and Deepak return to the Maker Maze to learn all about outer space! But as they go through the levels of the Maker Maze, Pablo keeps making mistakes. Learning about space is his favorite, and his mistakes make him wonder whether he will ever be smart enough to be an astronaut.

In this installment, the kids learn that mistakes are an important part of learning and being a Magnificent Maker. Don’t miss any books in the series!
#1: How to Test a Friendship
#2: Brain Trouble
#3: Riding Sound Waves
#4: The Great Germ Hunt
#5: Race Through Space

Series Overview: Series Pub Plan:

Books 1-2: Summer 2020

Book 3: Fall 2020

Book 4: Fall 2021

Book 5: Spring 2022

Book 6: Fall 2022

The Magnificent Makers #5: Race Through Space byTheanne Griffith, Reggie Brown

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