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On Sale Date: October 4, 2022
ISBN 9781800073432, 1800073437
Hardcover | 128 pages

A beautifully illustrated, pawesome collection of uplifting stories, inspiring quotes, timeless wisdom and practical tips that will delight every dog lover

Pawsitive vibes only

Dogs understand that the key to happiness is simple: to eat well, play well, love well and sleep well. This playful book contains wise doggo mantras that we can all live by (“when you have a struggle, have a snuggle”), happiness hacks, inspiring canine tails, and life lessons from pawesome breeds (Frenchies teach us that wrinkles are just smile lines; dachshunds teach us that your difference is your strength). There is a lot we can learn from our furry friends, and this book aims to bridge the connection so we can all see life in a more pawesome way.

The Little Book of Pawsitivity is both a playful tribute to all dogs for the happiness and unconditional love they bring us, and a reminder to their humans that if we adopt their perky outlook, anything is pawssible.

The Little Book of Pawsitivity: Life Lessons from Doggos by Rosie Palmer

SKU: 9781800073432

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