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Kim, Sophie

9780593599662, 0593599667

Trade Paperback


The most notorious nine-tailed fox in Korea pairs up with a fallen trickster god to track down a demon before it destroys the mortal world in this sly, dazzling contemporary fantasy.

Kim Hani, also known as the Scarlet Fox, has retired from a life of devouring souls. She is, simply put, too full. Now she spends her days laying low in a coffee shop and annoying a particularly irritating trickster god.

That god is Seokga the Fallen. He was thrown out of his heavenly kingdom centuries ago for staging an utterly pathetic attempt at a coup against his brother, the emperor. But when a powerful demon escapes from the underworld and threatens to end all of humanity, the emperor offers Seokga an enticing bargain: Kill this rogue demon, as well as the legendary and elusive gumiho called the Scarlet Fox. In return, he will be reinstated as a god.

There’s only one problem: Kim Hani has no intention of being caught. Seokga might be a trickster god, but Hani has a trick up her sleeve that Seokga will never see coming—teaming up. As Seokga’s assistant, she’ll undermine him at every turn, sabotaging his investigation right under his overly pointy nose. Sure, she’ll fight the demon, but she can’t allow Seokga to uncover her secret identity.

Before long, though, the tension between the bickering couple boils over, and the god and the gumiho find themselves inextricably drawn to each other. But will the unlikely duo stand together to prevent the apocalypse, or will they let their secrets tear them—and the mortal world—apart?

The God and the Gumiho

SKU: 9780593599662
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