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On Sale Date: May 10, 2022

ISBN 9781683648598, 1683648595

Hardcover with dust jacket | 256 pages


A disruptive guide to help women reject societal double standards and succeed by showing up as their authentic, vulnerable, powerful selves.


We’ve all heard of the “glass ceiling” for women. Yet even for women who break through the societal barriers to success, there’s another danger: the glass ledge. “When the very qualities that help us achieve greatness turn into self-defeating behaviors, that’s when we trip over the glass ledge,” teaches Iman Oubou. “Yet we don’t need to lose ourselves to become the ideal image of a hardworking, camera-ready woman. There is a better way to fulfill our dreams—one that allows us to be ourselves, on our own terms.”

With The Glass Ledge, Oubou offers a disruptive guide that explores the 10 most common themes around which women tend to derail themselves. Each chapter focuses on one of these self-sabotaging themes, incorporating counterintuitive and eye-opening information, as well as anecdotes from the author's personal journey, stories from other high-profile, successful women, and scientific research about why we act the way we do—and how to reclaim the story of our lives.

While societal norms around gender dynamics have shifted, there’s still a long way to go. “We don’t have to wait for the culture to change for us,” Oubou says. “Each of us has the power to change the beliefs and behaviors we don’t want.” The Glass Ledge is a practical and inspired call for any woman who wants to rewrite the narrative of success—and pay her efforts forward into the world.

The Glass Ledge by Iman Oubou

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