ISBN: 9798675444434


BILLY is one year sober from drugs, working at a coffee shop during the day and as a drag queen by night at his best friend's club. Staying on track and putting his mental health first has been the main priority of his recovery, but when a beautiful stranger finds his way into Billy’s heart—he finds himself scrambling to get all his secrets in check to finally be his authentic self. LUKE is a lawyer, struggling with a recent relapse into his eating disorder, and still dwelling on a series of heartbreaks and grieving his mother’s death of five years. He’s just about ready to give up on happiness and love until he sees an angel standing behind the counter of a new coffee shop. He decides that trying again is worth the smile that Billy gives him. But one night, during their exciting and wonderful, yet fleeting three years together, a heart-shattering misunderstanding costs them their love and trust in one another. It’s back to square one for the both of them, as they try to pick themselves up again. Billy ponders why he let someone in, while Luke self-reflects on what has happened. Is there love stronger than what broke them? Or is it too late to try and start over again?

Something To Come Home To by Emily Johnson

SKU: 9798675444434