ISBN 9781683647393, 1683647394

Hardcover Picture Book | 32 pages


When Mabel the Tumbleweed gets stuck on a fence, she experiences gratitude and awe as she learns to be still in the world.


In our fast-paced society, children are often missing the value of slowing down. Slow Down, Tumbleweed! is about a wild and roaming tumbleweed who thinks the world is only interesting if you rush through life. Then she gets caught on a fence and is forced to slow down.

As she learns to sit in stillness and quiet, Mabel notices the beauty of the world around her—the music of wind chimes, the shapes in the clouds, the long eyelashes of a heifer. She sees the world is interesting and beautiful, right here, right now. You don’t have to chase it.

Slow Down, Tumbleweed! teaches children the importance of slowing down and cultivating mindfulness. It shows the peace and gratitude you feel when you learn to be calm and open your awareness. This book celebrates all of life—both moving fast and moving slow.

Slow Down, Tumbleweed! by Haven Iverson, Robert Sayegh Jr.

SKU: 9781683647393