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On Sale Date: April 26, 2022
ISBN 9780593311455, 0593311450
Trade Paperback | 304 pages

An exquisite short story collection from a breathtaking new voice—centered on a constellation of Korean American families.


A long-married couple is forced to confront their friend's painful past when a church revival comes to a nearby town. . . . A woman in an arranged marriage struggles to connect with the son she hid from her husband for years. . . . A well-meaning sister unwittingly reunites an abuser with his victims.
Through an indelible array of lives, Yoon Choi explores where first and second generations either clash or find common ground, where meaning falls in the cracks between languages, where relationships bend under the weight of tenderness and disappointment, where displacement turns to heartbreak.
Skinship is suffused with a profound understanding of humanity and offers a searing look at who the people we love truly are.

Skinship (Paperback) by Yoon Choi

SKU: 9780593311455
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