ISBN 9780062863997, 0062863991
Hardcover | 112 pages

An empowering, full-color feminist manifesto to help women foster self-care every day, based on the author’s popular “Recipes for Self-Love” Instagram feed.

In 2016, Amsterdam-based artist Alison Rachel left her successful career in advertising to pursue her passion. She began interviewing other women about the ways in which they survive the world. Synthesizing the knowledge and inspiration she garnered, Alison created the “Recipes for Self-Love” social media feed. Each day, Allison posts an original illustration with a few uplifting words to remind women to nurture and care for themselves.


Recipes for Self-Love is a collection of her striking images, accompanied by soothing mediations on feminism, intersectionality, self-care, the importance of boundaries, sexuality, anxiety, ritual, beauty, individuality, and self-expression. Designed in her modern, distinctive style and featuring sixty full-color images—all newly designed especially for this book—Recipes for Self-Love touches on issues vital to women’s lives, including body image, shame, confidence, and the importance of loving yourself as deeply as you love the world.


Profound yet simple in its message, Recipes for Self-Love is a soulful gift and a glorious celebration that will bolster every woman’s sense of power, beauty, confidence, and strength.

Recipes for Self-Love by Alison Rachel

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