ISBN 9780061560774, 0061560774
Paperback | 32 pages


Read...and open new worlds!


Tyrone is great at doing things. He throws a mean baseball, he’s king of the lunchroom, and he's the class science whiz. He has lots of friends and loves school. Except for one thing ...Tyrone doesn’t like to read. It wouldn’t be so bad if his teacher would just get the hint. But no—every day after lunch, she whips out another book. Boring! Then one day, something really strange happens during story hour. It happens again the next day and the next and the next until reading becomes the most exciting part of the day! The perfect addition to any classroom, this fast-paced adventure by Mrs. Laura Bush and her daughter Jenna will leave readers racing to the shelves!

“A combined effort by the First Lady and daughter Jenna Bush, this purposeful tale gets a real kick from the art.... Even nonreaders may be prompted to give books a try.” —ALA Booklist

“A well-meaning salute to the pleasures of reading.” —Kirkus Reviews

Read All About It! by Laura Bush, Denise Brunkus, Jenna Bush Hager

SKU: 9780061560774