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Omar and his friends are up to a new heroic adventure in the fourth installment of this highly-illustrated middle-grade series starring a Muslim boy with a huge imagination—now in paperback!

Is there ever a good time to tell a lie?
When his best friend Daniel messes up at school, Omar decides to take the blame to save Daniel from getting in trouble—which makes Omar feel like a total hero!
Being treated like a hero feels great, so he does it again. But then something more serious happens, and all eyes land on Omar. Uh-oh.
The principal is convinced that Omar must have done it. Will he and his friends be able to prove his innocence, or is his good reputation ruined forever?

Series Overview: Accidental Trouble Magnet (#1): POB Feb 2020, paperback Jan 2022 
Unexpected Super Spy (#2): POB Sept 2020, paperback May 2022
Incredible Rescue Mission (#3): POB May 2021, paperback Jan 2023 
Epic Hero Flop (#4): POB June 2022, paperback April 2023 
Ultimate Rocket Blast (#5): POB June 2023, paperback June 2024

Planet Omar: Epic Hero Flop

SKU: 9780593407196

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