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ISBN 9780316417372, 0316417378
Paperback | 224 pages


Dear weird toes, crooked nose, stressed out, left out, freaked out


Dear missing parts, broken hearts, picked-on, passed up, misunderstood,


Dear everyone, you are cordially invited, come as you are, this party's for you


Welcome to Pity Party, where the social anxieties that plague us all are twisted into funny, deeply resonant, and ultimately reassuring psychological thrills.


There's a story about a mood ring that tells the absolute truth. One about social media followers who literally follow you around. And one about a kid whose wish for a new, improved self is answered when a mysterious box arrives in the mail. There's also a personality test, a fortune teller, a letter from the Department of Insecurity, and an interactive Choose Your Own Catastrophe.


Come to the party for a grab bag of delightfully dark stories that ultimately offers a life-affirming reminder that there is hope and humor to be found amid our misery.

Pity Party by Kathleen Lane

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