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September 27, 2022

ISBN 9781534478527, 1534478523

Hardcover | 

48 pages

$18.99 USD


Born Chloe Ardelia Wofford in Ohio, Toni Morrison grew up listening to her family tell myths, legends, and stories from the Bible. She loved hearing the music and power of the words. Toni also heard new stories from the students from other countries who went to her school. After an early childhood of soaking up tales from those around her, it was no surprise Toni grew into a voracious reader.


She worked at her town library as a teenager and was an editor for a New York publisher as an adult. When it came time for her to write her own stories, she knew she wanted to write about her people—Black people. Early in the morning and late at night after her children were asleep, Toni began work on what would become an acclaimed and trailblazing body of work.


This luminous picture book has back matter with further reading on Toni Morrison’s life and work.

On Her Wings by Jerdine Nolen, James E. Ransome

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