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Griffith, Nicola


ISBN 9780374208080, 0374208085
Hardcover with dust jacket | 720 pages

The long-awaited sequel to Hild—bigger, bolder, bloodier, and even more medieval than the beloved original.


In the much anticipated sequel to Hild, Nicola Griffith’s Menewood transports readers to seventh-century Britain, a land full of rival kings and rival religions, poised for revolutions like the world has never seen. Hild—now eighteen and married to her forbidden childhood love, battle-scarred and triumphant—is no longer a bright child who charms and dazzles the court with seemingly supernatural insight. But she remains one of the king’s most trusted advisers, both seer and warrior, which makes her formidable in a volatile court, and also subject to His Majesty’s most dangerous whims. She has never been stronger or more vulnerable.

And war is brewing: old alliances are fraying, the priests are impatient to displace the old religions, vengeful rivals are antsy, the king is greedy and dangerously confident. Change is in the air, even if Hild is the only one who can clearly sense it. She wants to protect her own—her family, her friends, her land—but is that enough? For them? For her? As she fights to survive the turbulent times, her life will be rocked by unimaginable loss and grief, and a new strength will be forged, as her vision for a new kind of future emerges and Menewood takes root.

In the last decade, Hild has become a beloved classic of epic storytelling. Menewood picks up where that heroine’s journey left off, and exceeds it in every way.


SKU: 9780374208080

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