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Nicole Tersigni


Through its unlikely pairing of classical artwork and meme-style captions, the Men to Avoid in Art and Life wall calendar highlights the universally female experience of having her area of expertise explained in great inaccurate detail by an overly confident mansplainer. 

This calendar is the perfect present for Galentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, or for whenever you're feeling particularly weighed down by the patriarchy (always). Whether it's the Sexpert or the Patronizer, the men in each painting are shockingly familiar, proving the inconceivable antiquity of their existence. From Tersigni's infamous Twitter thread and wiildly popular book, this wall calendar connects us through laughing at the unfortunately topical and frustrating experience of being a woman.

24-page 12 x 12 inch month-by-month calendar

BASED ON THE SUCCESSFUL BRAND: Men to Avoid in Art and Life was featured in the New York Times, BBC Radio, and more, resonating with women globally. Whether you're a fan of Tersigni or missed out on the widely popular 2023 calendar, the Men to Avoid in Art and Life wall calendar for 2024 is the gut-wrenching laugh you need.

HILARIOUS AND UNIQUE: The classical paintings paired with laugh-out-loud modern captions make for a distinctively clever and playful wall calendar.

FIGHT THE PATRIARCHY WITH A LAUGH: What better way to fight the patriarchy than to laugh together at Mansplainers, Sexperts, Patronizers, Comedians, and Concern Trolls.

PERFECT GIFT FOR A WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE: Whether it's a holiday, a birthday, or any day, this wall calendar is a year-round gift that will bring a smile for any occasion.

Perfect for:

  • Women and feminists with a wry sense of humor
  • Millennials and Gen Z who love memes and Internet humor
  • History and art history buffs (and those who buy them gifts)
  • Fans of the eponymous book

Men to Avoid in Art and Life 2024 Calendar

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