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Burton, Jessie


ISBN 9781639732685, 1639732683
Trade Paperback | 208 pages

From New York Times bestselling author Jessie Burton, an astonishing retelling of the Greek myth of Medusa, illuminating the woman behind the legend.


Exiled to a far-flung island after being abused by powerful Gods, Medusa has little company other than the snakes that adorn her head instead of hair. Haunted by the memories of a life before everything was stolen from her, she has no choice but to make peace with her present: she is Medusa the Monster. But when the charmed and beautiful Perseus arrives on the island, her lonely existence is blown open, unleashing desire, love--and betrayal.

For readers of Circe and Ariadne, Medusa is an astonishing reinvention that brings to vivid life a heroine history has set in stone.

Medusa (Paperback)

SKU: 9781639732685

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