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Gallegos, Maddie


ISBN 9781250784148, 125078414X
Trade Paperback | 256 pages

For fans of Roller Girl and Besties: Work it Out, a debut middle-grade graphic novel about an unlikely friendship that blossoms on the racquetball court.


Rosie Vo is at odds with her dad. He pushes his racquetball hobby on to her to the point that she dreads ever spending time with him. Thankfully, new kid Blair moves to town and becomes fast friends with Rosie. She's cool, a great listener, and even better, the best distraction from the tension Rosie feels at home.

Rosie’s convinced Blair is the answer to all her dad-problems. If only Blair could be the racquetball genius Rosie's dad has always wanted! But Blair disagrees, hoping to show her that with a friend by her side, Rosie can face both her dad and racquetball.

Match Point! (Paperback)

SKU: 9781250784148

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