ISBN 9781260440607, 1260440605
Hardcover | 272 pages

From one of today’s leading voices for women in business—a practical, systematic approach to uncovering and conquering that career-stalling inner-voice that says “you can’t” 


Women are changing the game in business and beyond—and Mastering Your Inner Critic . . . and Other Hidden Hurdles to Advancement provides the knowledge, insight, and tools women need to take full advantage of this powerful movement. The author shows how to uncover the behaviors, actions, or stereotypes women too often perpetuate and reveals proven ways of taking control of them through a clear, hands-on approach. Readers learn how to build confidence, set clear goals, build effective networks, negotiate with skill, combat inner-biases, and ultimately overcome the 7 hurdles that hold women back. 


• The author’s organization Linkage will promote the book through its vast network, including its client database of 60,000; website (135,000 unique visits annually); thousands of webinar attendees each year; and other platforms.


• Brady is co-chair of Linkage's Women in Leadership Institute™, which has a global network of 10,000+ alumni and hosts multiple events each year, which are attended by 300 of the world’s most recognized brands and most influential employers.

Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement

SKU: 9781260440607