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ISBN 9781683647447, 1683647440
Trade Paperback | 256 pages
$18.99 USD


Today’s generation is the first to really speak openly about menopause—yet the medical community and popular culture focus almost exclusively on treating “symptoms,” stopping hot flashes, and clinging to the appearance of youthfulness. “Menopause isn’t a problem to be fixed,” says Susan Willson. “In fact, it can be the most powerful time of a woman’s life.”


With Making Sense of Menopause, this renowned women’s health practitioner offers a powerful guide to experiencing perimenopause and menopause as a natural gateway into a new, exciting, and meaningful phase of our lives. Beginning with an eye-opening examination of the falsehoods we’ve absorbed about ourselves as women, Willson helps us reframe and embrace the enormous potential of this journey into elderhood—from the changes in our bodies to the profound opportunities we have for growth, creativity, strength, and authenticity.


Susan Willson has found that when women are presented with a positive, empowering perspective on menopause, something extraordinary occurs: “We find that we want to do the developmental work of midlife. We want to harness the power we feel rising up as we are finally able to stand for ourselves. We want to give our gifts.” With Making Sense of Menopause, this compelling author offers a much-needed guide for women making the physical, emotional, and spiritual transition to our wisdom years.

Making Sense of Menopause by Susan Willson, CNM

SKU: 9781683647447

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