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On Sale Date: January 4, 2022
ISBN 9780374313722, 0374313725
Hardcover Picture Book | 40 pages



Perfect for Valentine's Day, a touching picture book about friendship and the courage it takes to share your feelings.

There's only one person in Violet's class she wants to go on adventures with: Mira, the girl with the cheeriest laugh and who races like the wind. So Violet has made Mira a very special Valentine.

Because Mira is magnificent.

But what if she thinks Violet isn't? Violet is afraid that Mira won't want to go on adventures together, and in order to share her feelings, she must overcome her fears—and maybe a snow flurry or two—to tell Mira how she truly feels, and ask, Want to go on an adventure?

Love, Violet by Charlotte Sullivan Wild, Charlene Chua

SKU: 9780374313722

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