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Bruce, Camilla


A group of estranged childhood friends reunites in an eerie Norweigan coastal village where their flawed ambitions and grudges swirl into an all-too-real echo of a terrible town legend.

Old Friends. Stalkers. Mommy bloggers.

In this fable-inspired thriller set on the coast of Norway, where folklore are alive, one woman is the first in her village to leave for a life in the modern world — only to come back years later, freshly divorced and fleeing her influencer lifestyle. There, she finds a long-dormant friendship that rekindles an intense competition, and a world more haunted and dangerous than she could ever imagine. This is a tense read with fantastic images that are sure to stick with readers.

A thrilling ride about women who have been swept away by the promise of internet fame—only to find that creating a cult of personality means depending on the dark whims of their acolytes even at the expense of their friendship.

The Witch In The Well (Paperback)

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