ISBN 9781623542917, 162354291X
Hardcover | 32 pages

In the latest Lola Reads book, Lola has a new adventure with her cousin Hani: her very first sleepover!

Lola has been to her cousin Hani’s house many times, but she’s never spent the night until now. With a well-stocked suitcase in tow, she and Daddy head to Hani’s house. The two girls play, build, dress up, and try new things together before settling in for the night. After French toast breakfast the next morning, Daddy picks Lola up. It was the best sleepover ever. Maybe next time, Hani can stay at Lola’s house! A reassuring read for children preparing for their own sleepover adventures.

Story Locale: school

Series Overview: Book-loving Lola and her playful little brother, Leo, celebrate family time and togetherness through reading, special activities, and new adventures.

Lola Sleeps Over by Anna McQuinn, Rosalind Beardshaw

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